Online International Kintsugi Workshop by TSUGUTSUGU

Introduction about our online kintsugi workshop!!

Did you know that we are providing online workshops to the world?!

( Yuki can speak English 😀 )

(↑Online kintsugi workshop by our staff, Ayako 🙂 )

… actually, there is no tools to spread this information internationally and we could not find a good system to get reservation concerning our time difference… 🙁

For example, we tried to use “Airbnb experience” to provide our online workshop, but they rejected us because the customers should buy our kintsugi kits (or all the tools/ingredients to start kintsugi beforehand…) and it didn’t meet their requirment 🙁

We are seeking to find the way to announce that we are eager to teach kintsugi in English to whom are interested in traditional kintsugi!!

( We would like to gain more experience to teach kintsugi worldwide 😀 )

To do kintsugi workshops, participants should have broken items and kintsugi tools/ingredients.

Therefore, purchasing our kintsugi kit (=TSUGUKIT) is inevitable.

(You can purchase Japanese best-selling TSUGUKIT)

Then, a question comes. What if you have all the tools/ingredients for kintsugi but not TSUGUKIT?

Yes, Yuki can do any kintsugi workshop depending on what you have, but the methods/procedures differ according to the kits/artisans.

So if there are some participants, we may tell different methods using different ingredients/tools to you.

Therefore, it is easier for you and us if you buy our method/TSUGUKIT.

(There are no right or wrong for each kintsugi method though!)

For whom our kintsugi workshop is reccomended?

Our English kintsugi workshop is recommended for whom

  • would like to know the introduction/background of kintsugi
  • cannot come to Japan to participate workshops in Tokyo
  • has some questions about kintsugi only in some processes
  • would like to repair the item more perfectly

What is the contents of the online workshops?

Our workshop has following schedule;

  • 20mins: Lecture of the basics/background of kintsugi
  • 30 mins: Let’s try and Q&A interactions among participants and Yuki
  • 5 mins: Cleaning
  • 5min: Questionnaire (We send you the form URL to fill out)

Our workshop is provided by Zoom.

If the participant is only one person, we can fully customize our workshop to you!

But if there are some participants, the lesson we provide would focus on one or two steps of followings;

  • Step 1: Apply urushi on the broken surface and/or the chipped area, and leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 2: Stick the broken pieces together and/or fill the chipped area with urushi, and leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 3: Fill the small holes with urushi paste to uneven the broken/chipped surface. Leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 4: Apply black urushi and leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 5 : Apply bengal-red urushi, sprinkle gold powder, and leave it in the urushi box.

Cost of online kintsugi workshops

Now, we would like to gain more experience and need your feedback about our lesson, so the price is discouted now!!!

¥3,300 (around $30) for 1hr !!

This price would increase when we feel we are fully prepared to expand the lessons to the world.

When can I join the online kintsugi workshops?

It is very difficult to say, because we have different time zones!!

So, if you are interested in, please let us know your time preference as flexible as possible!!

Send us email to

How to apply Japanese traditional online kintsugi workshop??

Please email us to this email addres 😀

Who is the kintsugi teacher??

Yuki Matano

Born in Osaka, Japan, speaks Japanese, English, German, and Osaka language. She qualified for a national pharmacy license after graduating from University, and worked as a sales person in a pharmaceutical company for 4 years. After quitting the company, she went on working holiday in Toronto, Canada and Berlin/Ulm, Germany for 5 years to learn English and German. She loves traveling abroad (19 countries so far).
In Germany, she had a dream to be a physician but couldn’t enroll in a medical University. Therefore, she came back to Japan and worked for some pharmaceutical companies. Over the past 2 years, she has been studying for an MBA on weekends at McGill University Japan, the world’s top 50 and the top Canadian MBA school, while working for a company as a clinical trial manager. The MBA courses and her excellent classmates gave her a new enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.
She moved 14 times in the most recent 14 years, and this engraved a minimalist spirit in her being. She has shunned owning abundant cheap goods. Kintsugi resonated with this philosophy, because it takes care of valuable items and passes them down through generations. Her minimalist spirit and love of Kintsugi inspired her to incorporate this company.

More teacher will be coming soon… !!

Why we started kintsugi workshops?

We sell Japanese best-selling kintsugi kit “TSUGUKIT” not only in Japan but also to the world!

This TSUGUKIT became No. 1 in Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping in Japan only within a half year after we started selling 😀

Since we developed TSUGUKIT, we gained a lot of customers voice and updated/perfectionated our kit in order to meet the voice of any beginners who try kintsugi at home by themselves.

However, some customers want to interact teacher and ask questions about kintsugi.

Therefore, we started holding kintsugi workshop since Nov 2020 by renting the place and built our own atelier since Feb 2021.

We felt the surging customers’ needs from outside of Japan since the number of selling kintsugi kit internationally is increasing day by day.

As Yuki (and some of her disciples) can speak English, we decided to provide English workshops to spread the real kintsugi experience to the world 🙂

As of now, we are still exploring the way to improve our service.

But if you understand our passion and would like to take our workshop, please let us know by sending message to the following email address;

Thank you for reading this article 😀

About “Kintsugi WorkShop TSUGUTSUGU”

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While traditional kintsugi takes time and effort, the sense of accomplishment you get upon completion is exquisitely rewarding.


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