Upcycle Project for Broken Ceramics

What would you do if your favorite plate breaks? Throw it away?

Do you have any broken/chipped/cracked ceramics at home? (or in your restaurants or cafe if you own?)

We are collecting broken ceramics or glasses which can be used longer if we repair!

We believe this is called “Up-cycle” rather than “Re-cycle” because kintsugi add more value in the broken items 🙂

We appreciate if you agree with our values and are willing to donate your broken items to us!!

Why we started Kintsugi Upcycle Project?

Kintsugi became in fad since Muromachi era (around the 14th century) in Japan.

And now, kintsugi got the limelight again!!

Kintsugi is regarded as eco-friendly to achieve SDGs!!

(Yuki was broadcasted on TV (news zero) on 9 Feb 2021)

Tokyo Kintsugi Workshop TSUGUTSUGU is offering kintsugi workshops for Japanese and non-Japanese people.

To practice kintsugi, a broken, chipped, and/or cracked items is necessary.

However, breaking bowls runs counter to our values.

We assume that many people throw away their plates when they break – not knowing that the items can be repaired with kintsugi.

So, we ask neighbors, restaurants, and kitchenware shops to donate us their broken items.

Kintsugi brings win-win value for you and us!

(Photo of Tokyo Kintsugi Workshop TSUGUTSUGU)

If you agree with our values and are willing to donate your broken items to us, we will promote your shop in our workshop and website in turn!

Recently, some young potters and/or ceramic artists donates their broken items.

(Those are not yet used but cracked when they are creating their works!)

We are happy to collaborate with people and/or company and support their activities by promoting and introducing their names on our website!!

This project would lead us to a better/eco-conscious image of the artists and companies! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و.

…and, the most worthwhile moment is, to see a beautiful revived kintsugi item, and other people can find a new value in it and use it longer 😀

Who can join the Kintsugi Upcycle Project?

This project is for everyone!

Followings are just examples;

  • Ceramic artists
  • Potters
  • Restaurants/Cafes
  • Kitchenware Shops
  • Any individual who has ceramics (and/or glasses)

How can we donate broken items to TSUGUTSUGU?

The way to donate your broken items varies according to how many you have and how far you live.

The easiest way to donate the items is, to just bring them to us!

But if you have a number of items or live far from us, please contact us.

We may ask you to ship the items or we visit your place to receive the items.

Here is our address;

Tokyo Kintsugi Workshop TSUGUTSUGU
Postal cord: 1500013
Address: 1F akikito apt. 2-21-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Tel: 03-6879-0940

Opening hour: 10:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)

We believe that kintsugi would contribute to achieve SDGs and bring a sustainable society.
Please join us!

Thank you 😀

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