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TSUGUTSUGU’s Original Kintsugi Kit: TSUGUKIT

Thanks to all our dear customers, TSUGUKIT has achieved two crowns on the Rakuten rankings – and we are dominating the daily rankings as well.
Our products also are listed on the daily rankings for Amazon and Yahoo Japan as well!

TSUGUKIT’s notable mentions and accomplishments:
  - A feature in Hanako (Magazene)
  - A feature on J-Wave (Radio)
  - #1 on the Rakuten’s ranking of the Hand Craft/Craft/Fabric category
  - #1 on the Rakuten’s ranking of the Ceramic Arts / Clay category

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Customer Feedback

I am thrilled to have found such a beautiful kintisugi kit.

With it – I learned to complete whatever I put my hands on until the end. I will use my kit on my old kitchenware pottery that I cherish, so that I can keep on using them.
I have told my friends to get the TSUGUKIT to do something worthwhile during the pandemic.

I have heard that traditional kintsugi is hard, but TSUGUTSUGU’s videos have made it manageable even for a beginner like me. Anyone can easily pick up kintsugi just by looking at the YouTube videos. The TSUGUKIT contains just about everything you need to perform kintsugi.

It is a very useful kit for kintsugi newbies!

All the necessary tools are arranged beautifully, and just opening the kit gave me motivation. We live in an age of excess, but repairing my favorite pottery through Kintsugi has captivated me.
If you have any interest in kintsugi, I highly recommend it.

This kintsugi set has everything a beginner needs.

I’ve done simple kintsugi before, but I was interested in traditional kintsugi using real urushi.
I did not know where to start, but this kit starts you on the right path. There was enough urushi in the kit, so I was able to do it boldly. Having used the kit, I have no complaints about it.

How much can we repair with kintsugi?

What can be repaired:

Generally speaking, you can repair pottery in the following state:


If you simply perform kintsugi on a crack, the finished product might not be strong enough. We recommend that you break the item apart and perform kintsugi on the broken parts to ensure that the finish is strong.


Both minor and major chips can be repaired!
Big chips can be repaired by filling the chip with putty and drying process a number of times.

<Broken Apart – a part or completely broken in half>

Can be repaired with the orthodox process.
If you follow the 5 steps outlined in the TSUGUKIT Manual, anyone can complete kintsugi with a beautiful finish.

<Broken Apart – in shambles>

Though the mold may move for pottery that is broken into more than three or more pieces, if you spend time and apply kintsugi diligently, you should be able to fix the pottery.

Caution: Cracks are hard to fix. If the pottery can be broken apart, we recommend that you break it apart first, and perform kintsugi after doing so.

Also, it is difficult to perform kintsugi on glass. Even some professionals do not take on projects to perform kintsugi on glass. Kintsugi on glass will require special urushi, so we do not recommend that you use the TSUGUKIT to do Kintsugi on it. If you are in Tokyo, we are able to help you do kintsugi on glass at our kintsugi seminars.

What a Finished Pottery will look like after Kintsugi

The difficulty of performing kintsugi will depend on the state of the pottery. However, you should be able to repair anything – even those items that you thought were beyond repair. Our kintsugi kit simplifies some of the complex procedures, and our much esteemed all-colored manual will guide you with images. Moreover, our YouTube videos will assist you throughout the process.

Our Original Kintsugi Method

Five reasons why people choose our kintsugi kit over others.

Reason 1

Authentic experience at a reasonable price.
Experience traditional kintsugi using natural material.

Traditional kintsugi takes time and effort. Unlike “Modern kintsugi” that uses synthetic adhesive, traditional kintsugi uses natural lacquer called Urushi, wheat flour, wood powder, soil powder, and gold powder.

Many of the ingredients for modern kintsugi do not comply with the food safety laws. Items repaired using modern kintsugi therefore cannot be used as tableware. However, traditional kintsugi uses natural ingredients – pottery repaired using traditional kintsugi can be used as tableware.

Reason 2

Nothing unnecessary – cost performance oriented tools and materials.

Traditional Kintsugi requires about 20 kinds of tools and materials. This kit gathers all the tools and materials that you may not have at home. It contains just what you need, and beginners can use it easily.

We have also eliminated unnecessary packaging considering ecology, and this has helped to make it a highly intuitive and affordable kit.

Reason 3

Fail-proof Kintsugi Method
Easy to understand manual included
(accompanied with step-by-step videos)

As a store manager, I participated in Kintsugi classes throughout Japan and summarized them in a simple manual. I also interviewed more than 15 kintsugi experts about their craft, and developed this kintsugi kit under the supervision of Master Shibata, who has 30 years of experience in lacquer art.
The TSUGUKIT has been on the market less than a year, but we have already revised the manual three times to incorporate the feedback from our customers – thus making the manual easier to understand.

We will continue to build on what we have to make a “kintsugi kit that will never fail!

Reasons 4

Hand-made and individually sent.

In order for you to enjoy and experience authentic kintsugi, we allocated more than 20 kinds of tools and materials. These tools have been sourced from within Japan as much as possible.
Each kit is manually assorted and shipped from Tokyo to all over Japan and overseas.

Behind the scenes – our greatest contributors are the urushi shops. In a climate in which lacquer art is declining in popularity, we purchase real wood sap lacquer from long-established urushi shops. While sustaining and developing Japan’s long-standing important industry, we seek to convey the appeal of materials used traditionally in kintsugi.

Reason 5

Beautiful kintsugi starts with a kit
Stylish and compact design

For you to do kintsugi beautifully, I believe that the kintsugi kit itself has to be refined – that it should be a kit that piques your interest and excitement. The TSUGUKIT is has been designed intricately, and its contents has been assorted with care.

Once the kit with the Seigaiha logo – a Japanese wave motif – that conveys the tradition and beauty of Japan arrives at your door, you will be overwhelmed to start your kintsugi.

commitment to quality

After learning about kintsugi and being fascinated by it, I went to multiple kintsugi classes. After much investment, I finally got a traditional kintsugi diploma. Through the process of learning the art of kintsugi, I started to develop the urge to become a kintsugi professional and to spread the joys of it to as many people.

I used to be a beginner who did not know the difference between traditional kintsugi and modern kintsugi and I took many detours in my journey to master the art.
My mission is to let as many people experience kintsugi – in the simplest and easiest way possible.

There are similar kits put out by different companies, but we took advantage of my beginning as a novice and focused on communicating how to perform kintsugi easily. We also invested a lot in the packaging of our kit chic to make the entire experience stylish.

All said and done, the art of kintsugi is beautiful. However, the way in which we approach kintsugi – putting effort and time to repair precious, but broken items – is what is remarkable about kintsugi.

We will do all that we can to support you with your kintsugi life – to transform your broken pottery into something that you cherish.

Kintsugi How-to videos

Basic Kintsugi Steps

The basic process of Kintsugi:
STEP ①: Apply urushi to the cracked or chipped cross section and dry it in an urushi box for one day.
STEP②: Stick the cracks with an adhesive made of urushi and dry in an urushi box for at least one week. Fill the chips with lacquer putty and dry in an urushi box for a day.
STEP③: Use urushi paste to smooth out chips and cracks, and dry in an urushi box for a day.
STEP ④: Apply black urushi and dry in an urushi box for one day.
STEP⑤: Apply urushi and finally sprinkle gold powder on it to finish. Dry in an urushi box for a day and you’re done!

We encourage you to get an overview of the process by watching the video “Kintsugi Summary in 5 Minutes.” It also details how to apply adhesive “Mugi-urushi” to cracks and how to sow gold powder.

How to care for a repaired item using Kintsugi

・ Repaired items using kintsugi are considered lacquer-ware. Do not rub the part that has been repaired. If you need to, wash it gently.
・ Note that you cannot put the item in a microwave, in a dishwasher, in an oven, or over direct fire.
・ Avoid soaking the repaired part in water for a long time.

– Items that are not suitable for kintsugi –

・ Clay pot (cannot be put on direct fire)
・ The bottom of the vase (cannot be filled with water for a long time)

With kintsugi, you will be able to use your one-of-a-kind pottery again. Moreover, kintsugi will transform it into something more precious than before.

Not being able to microwave the repaired item may be inconvenient, but we hope that you will use our kintsugi kit to repair your cherished pottery.

\ Please give us your feedback /

We value the voice of our customers

At our shop, the staff makes each Kintsugi kit by hand, and it will mean a lot to all of us at TSUGUTSUGU if we can get your feedback. We sincerely hope that every one of our customers enjoy our kintsugi kit.

Set Information

Raw Urushi: 30 g
Wood and Polishing Powder: 8ml each
Black and Bengal-Red Dye Powder 3ml each
Brush x1
Spatula x1
Bamboo Spatula x1
Spoon x1
Pallet x1
Dropper x1
Sandpaper and waterproof sandpaper x1
Gold Powder 0.1 g
Silk Ballx1
Masking Tape x1
Rubber Gloves (Medium Size) x2

*The amount/number of gold power, silver powder, and content will depend on the set.
TSUGUKIT Gold – 0.1 grams of gold power and 1 silk ball
TSUGUKIT Gold and Silver – 0.1 grams of gold, 0.2 grams of silver, and 2 silk balls
TSUGUKIT Premium – 0.3 grams of gold powder, 0.5 grams of silver powder, and 2 silk balls
Platinum TSUGUKIT – 0.3 grams of gold powder, 0.3 grams of platinum powder, and 2 silk balls
Double-Gold TSUGUKIT – 0.6 grams of gold power and 1 silk ball

An estimate of how much kintsugi you can do with one kit.

What you can perform kintsugi on with a single unit of the TSUGUKIT Gold, our most basic kintsugi kit, will depend on the area that needs repair and sowing. To give you an idea, you will be able to fix about 10 small cracks or fix two or three broken items with 20 centimeter breaks. With TSUGUKIT Gold and Silver, you will be able to fix three times that. With TSUGUKIT Premium, eight times! You will be able to purchase refills of gold and silver powder at our store.

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