Why does Kintsugi have a healing effect?

Kintsugi has a psychological effect that heals the human mind.

Then, what kind of effect does Kintsugi have?

Today, let’s talk about the psychological characteristics of Kintsugi.

The effect of Kintsugi on the human mind

Kintsugi has characteristics such as a special form of modeling activity and a low flexibility.

What is the modeling activity?

Kintsugi is regarded as a kind of “modeling activity”.

As the name suggests, modeling activity means creating shapes.

An unique thing about kintsugi is that it creates a new piece from an original shape by repairing broken pieces with a special technique.

Therefore, although kintsugi is a modeling activity, the output is fixed to some extent.

Low flexibility (=plasticity)

As mentioned above, kintsugi does not create an output (final creature) from scratch.

On the other hand, regular ceramic arts create an output (final creature) from scratch.

As you know, kintsugi is a restoration technique to mend broken pieces to a part of beautiful art, but you cannot freely decide the final shape.

This kind of work with a low range of freedom is called “low flexibility (=plasticity)” of work.

You may know that creating something from scratch is sometimes stressful.

Thinking from scratch and creating an art bring you put all of your feelings and thoughts into the work.

Therefore, creating something from scratch has the psychological effect of projecting emotions.

Sometimes, it is stressful to directly see your real feelings through the art and the work itself becomes a burden for you. It’s like drawing freely on a blank sheet of paper.

Also, creating something from scratch leads a self-expression. It is also stressful for a tired person.

However, when you do kintsugi, the outline has been already decided like coloring book.

Low range of freedom works just painting on the coloring book which reduces your stress and the thinking process.

It makes easier for you to immerse yourself in one task.

Because of that reason, book stores sell some coloring books for adults. This method relieves stress of tired person.

Kintsugi is the same; you don’t need to create an art from scratch.

In addition, repairing broken items relieves tired souls by projecting yourself into the repairing process.

Therefore, some experts say kintsugi has an healing effect.

Scratch becomes a value of arts.

Once you are hurt, it’s worthless.

Once you are broken, it’s irreparable.

Those kinds of ideas are unnecessary in the world of Kintsugi.

On contrary, kintsugi can be done only when there are broken pieces or scratches.

The pieces fixed by kintsugi becomes the value of the work.

Kintsugi affects people and gives a sense of following values​​;

A scar has a value.

Broken things can be repaired again.

Through kintsugi, you would feel that the wound will be healed again and the wound makes me up.

This sense gives you a new meaning of value ​.

I believe this is the unique psychological effect of kintsugi.

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