Australian TV interview – Similarities between Paralympic and Kintsugi

Hi everyone! Tokyo Paralympic is now open!

A few days before the Tokyo Paralympic opening ceremony, Tokyo Kintsugi Workshop TSUGU TSUGU received a phone call from Australian news TV!! Σ(゚Д゚)

Today, I’m gonna talk about what happened to us and how the interview went 🙂

About the TV Program

The TV Program is called “7 news” in Australia, and a reporter came to Japan to broadcast Tokyo Paralympic.

The reporter is Katrina Webb who won many medals in the past Paralympic 😀

Wikipedia about Katrina↓

Very tall (in Japanese sense) and well-shaped beautiful lady 😀

Katrina is interested in kintsugi, and she already knew a lot about kintsugi philosophy and history!!

I was invited and entered into the Paralympic Statium “Tokyo Big Sight”.

The security wasn’t so strict lol

I showed my ID, got a name plate, and let’s go inside!!

It was only two days before the opening ceremony, so almost no one was there.

Why Kintsugi is interviewed?

Now, Japanese culture is in the spotlight due to Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic.

People overseas cannot come to Japan physically, but I feel that many people search Japanese culture on online.

Japanese culture is very broad and has many categories like anime, food, and lifestyles, but kintsugi recently gained more attention because of its uniqueness.

Furthermore, in my opinion, there are some similarities between Paralympic and kintsugi.

Similarities between Paralympic and Kintsugi

Kintsugi highlights the scars and past history, and therefore, it is outstanding.

How about Paralympians?

Below was what I wanted to say in the interview, but I was a little nervous so couldn’t say the same lol

Everyone has mental and physical obstacles, but we can overcome them by changing our perspective. In doing so, we get out of these obstacles stronger and better.

Just like in kintsugi, the paralympians can use their trials and scars to go for the gold.

Best of luck to them!

Yuki Matano, 22 Aug, 2021

Kintsugi celebrates imperfections 🙂 So do we in Paralympic!!

Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi

It is not covered in the interview, but I thought about the relationship between wabi-sabi and kintsugi.

Simply said, wabi means inner beauty, and sabi is aesthetic beauty (appearance).

In our world, everything ages and changes over (=sabi).

Instead of crying about the change, we can find the beauty in the deteriorations (=wabi).

This is the wabi-sabi way of thinking which ancient Japanese people thought in around the 15th century.

However, usually, when the your item is broken, we think the value of the item is lost or decreased.

Then, people pursue and buy a new thing.

But wabi-sabi mind finds the beauty in the broken thing. Therefore, kintsugi stands out.

The beauty is not how it look like, but I believe the real value is inside it.

By highlighting the broken scar, your item turns into more valuable art.

This reminds us the importance of care.

In this generation of mass consumption / mass production, kintsugi exists in completely opposite world.

When we think to replace used items, let’s wait and think a little… is there any second chance?

What’s Happening Next?

I already checked the video of the interview I’m in, so it will be broadcasted in Australia soon…!!

I think it would be broadcasted in the middle of Paralympic games.

But I cannot watch the news in live because I’m in Japan 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

Please share the information to us when you watched the news!! lol


Not only taking the interview, but Katrina also bought my kintsugi kit “TSUGUKIT” 😀

Hope she will enjoy kintsugi in Australia!! (She said she couldn’t wait!!)
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