Our Company

Company Name: Tsugu Tsugu Inc.
The name of our company has been changed from kNotPerfect Inc. to TSUGU TSUGU Inc. with effect from July 2021.
Founded: 2 Mar 2020
Executives: CEO Yuki Matano
Capital: 3 Million yen
Headquarters: 1st Floor akikito apt. 2-21-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 1500013
Email Address: info@kintsugi-girl.com
SNS: Company Homepage https://kintsugi-girl.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kNotPerfect.jp/
Twitter https://twitter.com/matano_yuki
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kintsugist_yuki/

Greetings from the CEO

Do you know Kintsugi? Kintsugi is a Japanese traditional repairing technique for broken earthenware using natural ingredients such as a lacquer called “Urushi”. It mends the scar of broken items to artist and affectionate memories, enabling you to use your valuable items longer. Recently, it is often said that Kintsugi can not only restore the items but also heal our broken heart.
Our company offers services mainly related to Kintsugi for;

People who have broken earthenware and would like to have someone repair it for them
People who would like to repair broken items
People who would like to try Kintsugi on their own
We hope to create a sustainable society by taking good care of things instead of throwing them away.

We provide more opportunities to artisans engaging in Japanese traditional craftsmanship while the number of them has been declining, and support the increased attention from younger generations to the Japanese traditional culture and handwork.

Tsugu Tsugu Inc.
CEO Yuki Matano

Our Main Business

Kintsugi Matching Platform
*Matching Kintsugi artisans and broken items in our online system
*Providing a space to sell valuable but broken items
*Providing a space to sell Kintsugi items
Kintsugi Kit
Spreading Kintsugi across the globe
Lectures and consulting service related to Kintsugi

About our Company

Our philosophy

Connecting tradition. Connecting people.
We are the “knot” that connects the world to the art within something that’s “not” perfect.

Our Mission

At Tsugu Tsugu Inc., we
- connect people, products and services through traditional techniques, while creating happiness for all those involved.
- support handicrafts and artisans, while providing opportunities for them to be further appreciated.
- contribute to the development of the industry by introducing the beauty of Japanese traditional culture and appealing to a wide range of fans.

Company Name

継ぐ (Tsugu) means connecting/linking/succeeding.
Passing down memories by hand, mending scars into beautiful art.
We create new value and experience by connecting broken items, people, and traditions through Kintsugi.

About CEO

Yuki Matano
Born in Osaka, Japan, speaks Japanese, English, German, and Osaka language. She qualified for a national pharmacy license after graduating from University, and worked as a sales person in a pharmaceutical company for 4 years. After quitting the company, she went on working holiday in Toronto, Canada and Berlin/Ulm, Germany for 5 years to learn English and German. She loves traveling abroad (19 countries so far).
In Germany, she had a dream to be a physician but couldn’t enroll in a medical University. Therefore, she came back to Japan and worked for some pharmaceutical companies. Over the past 2 years, she has been studying for an MBA on weekends at McGill University Japan, the world’s top 50 and the top Canadian MBA school, while working for a company as a clinical trial manager. The MBA courses and her excellent classmates gave her a new enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.
She moved 14 times in the most recent 14 years, and this engraved a minimalist spirit in her being. She has shunned owning abundant cheap goods. Kintsugi resonated with this philosophy, because it takes care of valuable items and passes them down through generations. Her minimalist spirit and love of Kintsugi inspired her to incorporate this company.

Slogan - “TSUGU-TSUGU”

Familiarizing the world with traditional Japanese handicrafts.
TSUGU-TSUGU introduces a variety of traditional techniques in Japan and adequately connects craftsmen to those who are interested in their works and skills. TSUGU-TSUGU aims to provide accessible and interactive services for everyone, as the industry's first major platform that combines tradition and IT.

Privacy Protection Policy

Tsugu Tsugu Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) has established a privacy protection policy and system, and made sure that all employees are
aware of the importance of privacy protection to promote.
Management of Privacy Information
We prevent unauthorized access, losses, and damages, falsification, and leakage of personal information through implementing security
measures and strictly managing personal information by taking necessary measures such as maintaining a security system and management
system that is accurate and up-to- date, and providing employee trainings.
Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The personal information received from customers will be used to send e-mails and materials as our communications, offering service
information, and as a response to customers’ questions.
Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to the third parties
The company properly manages personal information received from customers and does not disclose personal information to third parties
except in the following cases:
*With customer consent
*When we outsource our business to a contractor to provide the service customers want
*When required by law
Security Measures for Personal information
We take all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information.
Inquiry of the Customer
If a customer wishes to inquire, correct, or delete his/her personal information, we will respond after confirming his/her identity.
Observe and Review Laws and Norms
The company shall comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other norms applicable to personal information held, review the content
of this policy as appropriate, and strive to improve it.
For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the following:

Tsugu Tsugu Inc.
1st Floor akikito apt. 2-21-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 1500013
Email Address: info@kintsugi-girl.com
Enacted: 2 Mar, 2020

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