Kintsugi Kit Available For Sale !

During the corona pandemic, many people ended up stuck at home for long periods of time and started to look for new hobbies. In this context, Tsugu Tsugu has started selling a stylish and comprehensive kintsugi kit, the TSUGUKIT ! It was an immediate success. An increasing number of clients even started to share pictures of their repair projects.

The TSUGUKIT includes all the essential ingredients to get started with traditional kintsugi, which is food safe. Very compact, the TSUGUKIT can be easily stored. With its simple but impactful design, you will not be able to resist using it and getting started as soon as possible with your first repair project !
The TSUGUKIT is suitable as well for beginners as for people who already have experience with kintsugi. A detailed instruction manual in color is provided with the kit. We have broken down the repair process into 5 easy steps. In addition, you can refer to our YouTube tutorials or request an online lesson if you face a complex repair.

The TSUGUKIT is available on Etsy and on our online store. We ship worldwide*

Check out our TSUGUKITs and start your kintsugi journey today !

*Customers are responsible for applicable taxes and duties.