Tsugu Tsugu Inc. , a company connecting vessels, peoples and traditions through the practice and teaching of kintsugi.

Corporate Philosophy

We want to be the "knot" that connects the world with the beauty found there, even if it is not perfect.

Corporate Philosophy

Connecting Traditions. Connecting people.
We want to be the “knot” that connects the world through the beauty found all around us, even if it is not perfect.


Tsugutsugu Inc. aims at:

・Connecting people, products, and services in the field of traditional craft to create happiness for all people involved.
・Supporting beautiful crafts and the people who create them, and providing opportunities for them to shine even brighter.
・Contributing to the development of the industry by spreading the appeal of traditional Japanese culture and increasing the number of fans.

About our company name “Tsugu Tsugu Inc.”

In Japan, the verb “tsugu” means “to knot together.” Through kintsugi, we intend to connect vessels, people, and traditions to provide new values and new experiences.

※ Our company was previously known as kNotPerfect Inc. The name was changed to Tsugu Tsugu Inc. on July 2, 2011.

Vision of “Tsugu Tsugu” : Making traditional Japanese handicrafts more accessible!

Tsugu Tsugu Inc. promotes and teaches a variety of traditional Japanese techniques and actively “connects” artisans with those who are interested in their works and know-how. We aim to be the first large-scale platform in the industry to fuse tradition and IT, allowing all involved parties to participate and interact together in a safe and casual manner.


2020/08/11 The kintsugi service matching platform “Tsugu Tsugu” is lauched !
・Press release (in Japanese) here
・90-second introduction video of the Tsugu Tsugu platform here