Our Company

Company Name: kNotPerfect Inc.
Founded: 2 Mar 2020
Executives: CEO Yuki Matano, External Director Munenari Fukuda
Capital: 3 Million yen
Headquarters: 2F Sagami Bldg. 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
Email Address: kintsugijoshi@gmail.com


Main Services

With Kintsugi (traditional method of repairing pottery with lacquer and gold) as the core of TSUGU-TSUGU, we connect:
- People looking to get their broken pottery fixed
- People looking to take on the repair work
- People looking to practice Kintsugi
We offer a platform where:
- People can easily request professionals for Kintsugi or other works of handicrafts.
- People can purchase broken or Kintsugi-finished pottery.

TSUGU-TSUGU will raise awareness of the Japanese traditional culture and crafts, while supporting artisans expand their opportunities.


Kintsugi Kits

Try Kintsugi at Home by Yourself!
After mastering kintsugi under an urushi artisan, Katsuya Shibata, the CEO created this stylish Kintsugi Kit for beginners who speak either Japanese or English.
Kintsugi tutorial videos will be continuously uploaded on this website to answer
questions and provide further insights into the kintsugi technique, so please enjoy
kintsugi at home!


Kintsugi Tutorial Videos

This videos enable you to try kintsugi at home by yourself.
More videos are coming based on your voice to answer questions.


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