Kintsugi Vessels on Sale !

Hi ! This is Yuki, from Tsugu Tsugu.

At Tsugu Tsugu, we are starting to put on sale objects we have restored with kintsugi in our studios. You will find more details below.

An Increasing Demand for Kintsugi Vessels

Several reasons led us to start selling restored pieces. First, since pretty much the start of the company, we were asked by a lot of people why we did not sell some objects we had restored with kintsugi. We have also noticed that pieces of tableware with a kintsugi-like design were getting very popular on shopping websites abroad. These pieces of tableware could even be sold for about 100 USD a piece ! We thus felt that objects restored with authentic kintsugi could appeal to a lot of people !

Not everyone has the time to start a kintsugi project by oneself and not everyone has an object ready to be restored. Some people just wish to have a beautiful kintsugi piece to put in their home. Little by little, we noticed that the demand for kintsugi objects was particularly strong outside of Japan, where traditional kintsugi repair is not as widely available.

From a Dream To Reality: Bringing Kintsugi Closer to People

There had always been a few well-known masters of kintsugi who were selling their work online. However, there was not an online platform that offered a wide range of kintsugi objects to choose from so we decided to create it.

This online selling platform that was just a dream at first started to become reality in 2020. We added a section dedicated to the sale of kintsugi objects on the kintsugi service matching platform managed by Tsugu Tsugu.

So far, the number of kintsugi objects available for sale on the platform remains limited because kintsugi repair because the repair process itself takes quite a lot of time, but we intend on increasing the number of kintsugi products in the future and match the increasing demand for kintsugi items (which largely comes from abroad).

Our dream is to make beautiful art with traditional kintsugi and bring it even closer to people, as well in Japan as abroad.

Check kintsugi products available on our online matching platform →

Overcoming Challenges

Due to the long time that each kintsugi repair requires, it is not that easy to constantly add new products to the online platform.

Tsugu Tsugu Inc, currently has 10 staff members, in addition to myself.

Our staff members dedicate most of their time to teaching kintsugi to students who aim to become professionals one day. In the future, we intend to increase the time our staff can spend on restoring objects for the online platform.

We completed in summer 2021 the kintsugi repair of several pieces and started selling them on Etsy and on our own website. At the same time, we started a rental service. All items displayed on website can be rented. The rental fee starts from 10% of their price value.

【Check the kintsugi objects available for rental】

We will keep working hard to provide you an ever-growing range of beautiful kintsugi products !


If you are interested in our services or have any questions related to kintsugi, please feel free to contact us !

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